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In Sale Double bass Bow Floriano Nofri (F NOFRI on the Stick), Full size, weight 128 gr, black hair, light, confortable, excellent balance for sound. Free Shipping from Lyon by UPS or equivalent.
I can send all the pictures you like to best clarify the bow conditions
Floriano Nofri was born at San Ginesio in the province of Macerata on December 15, 1922. Today he is reknown and appreciated both in Italy and world wide as a stringed-instrument and bow maker. Maestro Nofri learned his first notions of sound and resonance by studying the instruments constructed by Gioacchino Pasqualini, after which he taught himself. He began making stringed instruments in 1948 and since then has dedicated himself exclusively to the construction of violins, following the style of Antonio Stradivari. By 1989 he had constructed about 250 instruments with alcohol varnishes which ranged in color from orange to brown. Maestro Nofri, also a self-taught bow maker, began this activity in 1975. Since then about 3000 bows have been constructed in his workshop; these can be found in almost every corner of the world and are used by world-famous musicians. Maestro Nofri makes the bows, as well as the respective ivory and ebony frogs, for all types of stringed instruments. Besides the traditional mountings in silver, he also uses tortoise shell and gold or buffalo horn
This information were taken from Carlo Vettori, violinmaker in Genova (Italy)

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Archet Signée Floriano Nofri - Macerata - ItalieArchet Signée Floriano Nofri - Macerata - Italie